Rabu, 07 November 2012


Water pollution is a result of changes in the substance water from incoming foreign pollutants in it so the water is low quality and not suitable for consumption can even cause death.

In the ecosystem in which we live, the water is one of the vital elements of life forming. Water plays an important role in the sustainability of a life. Human activities in carrying out their activities as human beings are inadvertently or consciously or unconsciously has polluted the water, either by organic or chemical.

Small example it is an activity using a laundry washing detergent. Indirectly we've poisoned the water with harmful chemicals that can damage the organic compound in the water. Chemical fertilizer in rice fields is one of the actions of any contamination.

one of the simplest, most effective way to reduce the level of air pollution is not throwing garbage into the river. As for the large scale there should be strict rules of the government, to menginstrukan to have sewerage.

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